India – Girl from Lolab valley in Kashmir

A few nice girls images I found:

India – Girl from Lolab valley in Kashmir

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Saw this girl entering her house, while walking around in the Lolab valley in Kashmir. When I took the camera out to take her picture, she stopped and posed.

This is actually a pretty rare sight in Kashmir: A female with the head not covered!

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Kids of the hills

Mystery girl in Little Bonanza – early 1940s

Image by Ed Yourdon
The "Workman girl" that Ray Yourdon told me he was supposed to marry — in Little Bonanza, approx 1942.

But by the time this photo was taken, Ray was approx 20 years old. So I assume the "supposed to marry" story was just a bit of amusing fun. Perhaps the little girl had a crush on him …

The building in the background, which I think was a large repair shop for trucks and cars, is one that I think I remember seeing during the visits I made to this area with my family in the late 1940s …


To the best of my knowledge, most of the photos in this Flickr album were taken by my grandmother, Mabel Yourdon, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Most of them depict scenes of everyday life in mining camps and small towns near the Utah-Colorado border. Some of them show hunting, fishing, and camping trips in unspecified parts of the American west. It appears that a few of them were taken in southern California, when Mabel and her husband Ike traveled out there to visit relatives.

I have no idea what kind of camera Mabel used for these photos, nor what kind of film. There probably wasn’t that much variety available in the 1920s, and she was not a “professional” photographer. So it may have been a Brownie and whatever B/W film Kodak was selling at the time.

My stepfather, Ray Yourdon, was born in 1922; and his older brother, Marvin, was born two years before that. You’ll see photos of Ray and Marvin when they were young boys, when they were in high school, and when they went off to join the Navy and the Marines to fight in World War II.

Somewhere around 2005, I asked Ray if he could tell me the details of some of the photos; where possible, I have included those details in the notes for the photos. Some of the photos obviously evoked pleasant memories, and I heard stories about minor day-to-day events in his life that I had never heard before. But we rarely got through more than a few pictures before he ran out of energy; and so many of the photos have no explanation at all.

At this point, my parents and grandparents are all gone. I have cousins who grew up in the same area where these photos were taken, and one or two of them are still in that area. They may be able to fill in a few of the details; otherwise, you’ll just have to accept these photos as a glimpse of what life was like nearly a hundred years ago …

Kenya, young Samburu girl

Image by Dietmar Temps
Portrait of a beautiful Samburu girl with ochre and traditional beads in a village near Archers Post, Northern Kenya.

The Samburu are semi-nomadic pastoralists in Northern Kenya and they are closely related to the Maasai people. They speak Samburu, a language which is derived from Maa and very similar to the language of the Maasai.

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Cool Girls images

A few nice girls images I found:

Betelnut girls NanKan 007

Image by bignosetw
Betelnut girls (Binlang Xi Shi) are a unique part of Taiwan culture. They sit in brightly-decorated glass booths wearing skimpy outfits, and sell cigarettes, drinks and betelnut to passing drivers. It’s a controversial trade but not actually illegal. The question of whether the girls are exploited is open to debate – certainly their own perception is mostly that they are doing a job like any other, and the less they choose to wear, the more they sell. For more info, see and follow the links to the video and pictures.
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Girl walking

Image by Spyros Papaspyropoulos
I shot this photograph one morning about a week ago. It was early, around the time that the shops were starting to open and the street were still empty. I was walking across a street when I saw the figure of this girl against the shiny road and thought that it would make a very interesting composition. I stopped, took one shot and continued. I don’t think she noticed, even though I was very close.


Check out these naked images:


Image by shufflepath

Naked Running

Image by pescatello
If it’s that hot outside, why is he wearing so much?

I’m jealous of Liz’s experience although i’m sure body appreciates the fact i keep it clothed.

Naked Cowboy

Image by Nikita Kashner
Oh yeah, I rock.

Nice Girls photos

Check out these girls images:

curls with girls

Image by e³°°°
girls with red curls

Little Fulani girl in Benin

Image by Dietmar Temps
Little Fulani girl in Benin …

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Girl Next Door

Image by Peter Ras
I have often seen the indian girl next door standing on the balcony and thought about this shot, but sky was never there and if it was she went back in before I could get my camera…

This time I ran like hell for my camera, because this time it was just good to miss…

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