girl sitting on fountain

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girl sitting on fountain

Image by Kevin Ryder
girl sitting on switched off fountain in portsmouth

Betelnut Girl Amy 07

Image by bignosetw
Betelnut girls (Binlang Xi Shi) are a unique part of Taiwan culture. They sit in brightly-decorated glass booths wearing skimpy outfits, and sell cigarettes, drinks and betelnut to passing drivers. It’s a controversial trade but not actually illegal. The question of whether the girls are exploited is open to debate – certainly their own perception is mostly that they are doing a job like any other, and the less they choose to wear, the more they sell. For more info, see and follow the links to the video and pictures.
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Iraqi girl smiles

Image by Christiaan Briggs
Iraqi girl living next to Al Daura Oil Refinery in Baghdad pauses for a smile amongst jostling children.

I managed to snap a picture of this stunning looking Iraqi girl while I was touring Al Daura Oil Refinery as part of the Human Shield Action to Iraq. I took this photo, and many more, of the children living next to the refinery where their parents worked. They were all quite enjoying themselves and I managed to get mobbed a couple of times. I often look back on this photo and wonder if she, and her friends, are still alive. I hope to go back one day and find out.

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DSC01154 – Brown Eyed Girl

Image by archer10 (Dennis) (59M Views)
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Landed on the island at a old wharf.

This is the boat that took me and other people to McNutts Island so I could get to the lighthouse. This is a trip I would highly recommend to anyone who wants an adventure to a interesting place. If you don’t want a long walk on the island they offer a harbour cruise and sightseeing tour.

SHELBURNE HARBOUR BOAT TOURS – Ken & Sherri Taylor – this is the tour I took to get to McNutts Island. They were great and it was a very nice boat.

The Brown Eyed Girl is a forty-four foot, Marine Trader trawler – one of the safest and most popular pleasure craft ever produced. The galley is up and it has two double staterooms and a V-Berth. It also has two bathrooms (heads), a sundeck and a Flying Bridge.

Captain Ken can steer the boat from down inside or from the Flying Bridge, which has a full enclosure. There is also a sun deck, the cockpit and a roomy salon, where Sherri can often be found making all of the guests comfortable

The "Brown Eyed Girl" has a 120-HP Ford Lehman engine and is usually cruising along at six or seven knots, which makes for a smooth, relaxing cruise.

The web site for the tours is:

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Naked bum in Berlin

Image by das_sabrinchen

naked man : san francisco pride parade (2014)

Image by torbakhopper
nudity is allowed in san francisco at street fairs and special events. it is no longer allowed under normal circumstances. however, if you wear a penis pouch, like this man, you aren’t breaking any laws.

we have several full time naked people in the city. it’s such a cool thing to see on a warm day — the brashest thing around is our own born nakedness!!! laughoutfucking loud!!!!
more power to the naked people.
you have my understanding.

I’m Naked!!!

Image by Gregalicious
Naked dude showing his goods off to the world.